Welcome to Perovic Brothers – Smart Education Europe Consult, UAE based company with the global presence.

We provide solutions for:
Business education, marketing and cross-cultural relations management, regional investment advising, and international trade cooperation.
Cross-culturalism, understanding and adapting without judgments, is the key of re-globalization. To acquire skills of cross-culturalism means understanding international differences in communication, motivation, leadership and doing business.

Our rich global experience of living and working in Europe, Asia and America, coupled with industry connections, will improve your competitive advantage in both export and import with the region.

Investment opportunities:
The region of South East Europe belongs to emerging markets. Market potential will grow, and at the same time demand for products coming from developed economies. There are many opportunities for investments due to large resources, relatively cheap labor and good investment framework. On the other hand, knowledge of local cultures is very important in order to establish a long-term position. Our help is more than welcome for all considering future investment ventures in the region.

Business education:
We have provided many seminars and consultancy in the areas of management, marketing, cross-cultural relations management, tourism. Contact@seeuropeconsult.solutions; drnperovic@icloud.com